Our Services

Event Catering

We will work closely with you from your initial enquiry to when your last guest leaves at the end of your event day. We organize delicious and tempting food for all event ceremonies; We make this unique event cherished for the years to come. We provide a completely comprehensive outdoor catering service including a variety of foods. We understand client’s demand for outstanding outdoor catering services.

We also provide bulk tiffin service at corporate offices, companies, & industries across Holland & its surrounding area. Whether you are ordering a casual office lunch for the staff or a catering for a special client, or multiple meals for a week-long seminar, we will be with you the whole way. Get delicious hot food, delivered right to your doorstep.

Customizing Menu

We create with you a menu that not only is of the finest quality, we ensure there is of quantity for everyone. We offer wide range of menu which can suit to your event purpose. We also customize your menu for the religious gatherings based on your origin you are from India.

Receipe Solutions

Satisfy your customers’ cravings with custom recipes that target specific keywords, categories, ingredients and kitchen tools. Written by culinary enthusiasts, our recipes comprise unique titles, structured ingredient lists and easy-to-follow preparation steps. Discover new menu ideas, restaurant and food trends to impress your guests and become more professional in your food servings.

Ingredient lists help your readers quickly know what they need to prepare the dish. Ingredients are provided to you in a structured format. Use those structured elements to build dynamic shopping lists or mix and match recipes that contain common ingredients. Standard units of measure are provided as well.

Venue Sourcing

Choosing an event venue is one of the most important choices you’ll make in the planning process. We will arrange venue for you upon the event purpose and number of guests you are going invite for the event. We have enough connections with right vendors who can help with function halls within your budgets and plans. Reach us if you are also looking to utilize this service as part of our catering service.